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What are clients saying about Revive Infusion

Cynthia and Andi make an amazing team! They are both so personable. I frequently get bad migraines that last a few days and when they become unbearable they have both come to my rescue. They ask some questions about how you feel and tailor your IV bag to your needs.

-Erinn B. 



Yesenia’s Testimonial: 

"Friendly, caring and professional. Cynthia is very good at explaining the process and what you're getting. She asks you how you're doing multiple times, you can tell she truly cares. She brought me back to life with the hangover bag. It works! Took the terrible dry heaving away and I was able to be happy once again. Thank you!"

Kassandra’s Testimonial: 

Highly recommend the Revive team! They respond quickly, they’re flexible with scheduling, they’re very professional & you feel great afterwards! I use Revive at least once a month and I tell everyone I know about them! Convenient, fairly-priced, friendly and reliable. My go-to mobile IV!

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